Beautiful door

Beautiful door

Beautiful door

WeDoor Company

More than 2 decades of experience

Parsa Wood Industrial Group, with its WeDoor brand, took a step in the field of production of Polywood doors and frames in 2018, using the latest technology and modern machinery. This company has been known as one of the most prominent manufacturers of MDF door and frame industry since 2000. . The company's products in residential, hotel, office, hospital, commercial, recreational and. . . It has always been used by domestic and international employers, consultants, and contractors.


The mission of the organization

Parsa Choob Industrial Group, with the support of several decades of effective presence in the economic and production environment of the country, considers its mission to improve the quality and quantity of industrial production of doors and frames and is always in line with:

•    Improving the level of production and productivity of the door industry and Polywood frame

•    Development of theoretical knowledge and skills required for domestic production of the door industry and Polywood frame


Objectives of the organization

•    Improving management and production systems and methods

•    Get the largest market share of production and sales of doors and waterproof frames

•    Development of Polywood industry at the regional level


WeDoor Customers

WeDoor Company is proud to work with the following brands on its resume

Asa Tejarat Ziba Pardaz

Extra wood center


Nick Ara