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Polywood Door and Frame

Doors and frames made of Polywood have special features compared to other doors and door frames available in the market.


The most prominent feature of the product is 100% waterproof inherently without affecting the color and cover


Structural strength: Due to the integrated structure of the door, which is not composed of different components, and the door and frame are extruded in special molds with a complete engineering design.


Other features: Self-healing, antibacterial, anti-termite, and non-chewing by rodents, sound and heat insulation

Polywood doors are produced using the latest technology and allow the customer to choose in a completely customized in dimensions, color, design, and application. That has introduced this product as completely distinctive and popular.


WeDoor company's Polywood frame

The frame is made of the same material and color as the door and will give a special harmony to the space used. Due to the precise and unique design, it can be installed in all spaces and walls. Also, due to the simultaneous installation of doors and frames, it is very economical in time and cost.

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